Korrodest Hr

Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “High resistance- HR” are primarily used for the separation of highly aggressive liquid chemicals such as for ex. HCL, HF and HNO3.

The units are deliverable with integrated heat pump or can be connected to existing energy systems.
Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “High resistance – HR” have the following major features:

  • Careful treatment of product by using vacuum technology
  • Low boiling temperature (+35 °)
  • Low demand on the purity specification of the waste water to be treated
  • Fully automatic operation through integrated PLC control
  • Simple, clearly designed operation through display of all relevant plant functions, included integrated online assistance
  • Prepared for data remote control
  • Low maintenance work
  • Low energy consumption

Absolute corrosion resistance through the use of non metalic materials e.g. plastic, graphite etc.