What are Crystallizer?

For the removal of harmful metal salts from plating electrolytes, in particular for the freezing out of carbonates from cyanidic baths:

  • Cyan Cooper, cyan Zinc, cyan Silver, cyan Cadmium etc.
  • Zinc-Nickel
  • Zinc-Iron
  • As well as for different other solutions such as acid process solutions

Fully automatic working compact unit for batchwise freezing out of salts from solutions for ex. removing disturbing carbonates from cyanidic process solutions. Consisting of:

  • framework made of square bar section tube AISI 304
  • double jacketed stainless steel process tank made of AISI 316 L, insulated against condensation
  • as option (chloride-resistant material) with integrated rotating scraper
  • integrated level control with filling valve
  • conic bottom with automatic valve
  • air-cooled fully hermetic cooling unit for the generation of cooling energy (cfc-free)
  • control box equipped with all command and regulating components necessary for an automatic operation without supervision such as main and control switch, motor protection and relays, digital temperature gauges with the actual and recallable set value
  • all units are factory-tested and supplied ready for operation