About us

In 2002 the Korrotherm GmbH was founded as an own company. The business origins, however, date back until the year of 1992. In this year the “Dittmann Froid – Industriel has been founded by Andreas Dittmann in the Alsacian Breitenbach/Haut Rhin. In 1994 the legal registered office and its facilities have been transferred to Neuenrade/North-Rhine Westfalia. This decision was primarily taken in order to be closer to our customers.

In 2012 we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. So far more than 300 vacuum evaporation systems have been sold world-wide. Among our customers you will find a great number of small and medium-sized companies as well as different world-wide known large companies of the automotive, electronic and aerospace industry. Korrodest vacuum evaporators are world-wide in operation, we have references in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Nontheless we are keeping our devotion to our customers of the metal finishing industry and of course to the national and local electroplating industry.